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Friends of the Earth is an environmental movement network which takes roots in local soil and at the same time flourishes in a worldwide scale. In order to promote those necessary solutions to the current environmental problems, Friends of the Earth needs your help. Take a clear-cut stance now in an effort to protect our environment and become an active member in one of the most dynamic and effective international environmental organisations.

Be active in the campaigns of Friends of the Earth Cyprus, either by volunteering or by participating in our actions and events!

To become a volunteer, through your professional knowledge (e.g. environmentalist, ecologist, forester, lawyer, journalist, translator, etc), your artistic creativity (e.g. painter, actor, musician, writer, etc) or your technical skills (e.g. photographer, cameraman, IT developer, Ad designer, etc), then the only thing that is left to do is to contact us and express your personal interest

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The power of Friends of the Earth Cyprus derives from the support we receive from our members, who have been part of this great family through the years. We would like to thank each and every one of you for the continuous support.

You can become a member by completingthis form in Greek or this form in English and by returning it to us by email ([email protected]). The membership fee can be paid by bank transfer to the account shown on the right.

Existing members can renew their subscription by sending us an email and by paying the respective amount shown on the right.

A receipt of your financial contribution to Friends of the Earth Cyprus will be sent to you and can be used for tax deduction purposes, since our organisation is registered as a charity in the Republic of Cyprus.

Annual Membership Subscription:

  • €10 per year for individuals up to 34 years
  • €20 per year for people over 35 years
  • €30 per year for families
  • €35 per year for organizations and companies

Through any Bank:

Bank Account Number: 357016046499
Account Name: Friends of the Earth (Cyprus)
Online Banking: IBAN: CY 3000 200 195 0000 3570 1604 6499
Bank Name: Bank of Cyprus