Welcome to the Friends of the Earth Cyprus map of… litter!

If you are out in nature enjoying yourselves, please carry on and seize the moment.
However, in the not-so-unlikely event that you come across littering or illegal dumping on beaches, rivers, forests, valleys, streets, cities or villages… please let us know!

Here’s how.

  1. Hit “I agree” with the GDPR notice.
  2. Create an account using your email address.
  3. Find the location on the map and add a marker.
  4. Upload a photo and comments, if you have any.

It’s that easy!

Our purpose is to demonstrate how serious the problem of littering, illegal dumping and plastic pollution is in Cyprus. Once we have the locations and evidence at hand, we will be able to take action collectively, by putting pressure on local authorities or by voluntarily cleaning up a given location, where there is no alternative.
Friends of the Earth Cyprus will organise five clean-ups between March and August 2019. Stay tuned!

* The map is part of the #StopThePlasticFlow initiative which benefits from the support of Beyond
Plastic Med (http://www.beyondplasticmed.org)