The 5th of December – World Soil Day

The 5th of December – World Soil Day

Sign for its protection in a European Campaign in which Friends of the Earth Cyprus are participating.

Every year, some 1000 square kilometers of formerly cultivated areas are erased by constructions of new roads and buildings. This action is creating more pressure to the food problem in Europe and to its economy, while in the same time forests and other areas of nature are under thread.

Land used for urbanisation is only the tip of the iceberg, as soil in Europe faces many threats and damages: over 250.000 sites have chemically contaminated soil, almost half of the agricultural soils are threatened by the depletion of organic matter, tens of millions hectares are damaged by wind and rain erosion and desertification is advancing in many Mediterranean countries, making their cultivations more and more sensitive to droughts and climate changes.


“Europe has the duty to preserve its most important natural resource: soil” This is the call by the promoters of the ECI (European Citizens Initiative) People4soil. This initiative is officially gathering signatures for the European Commission to demand the development of a specific legal framework for protecting the soil.
In this initiative Friends of the Earth Cyprus are participating together with 430 other organizations.

Sign and promote the message to protect this valuable natural resource.