Volunteer Team for Solea Valley

Dear Friends,

We invite you to be a part of a volunteer team that will work in the anti-corrosion measures undertaken in Solea Valley, on Sundays under the supervision of the Forestry Department. Register HERE.

The catastrophic fires in Solea area this summer left over 17 square kilometers of scorched earth and two dead forest fire fighters. During the fires, many organized groups and citizens rushed to help and to provide logistical support.Through our involvement in the fire extinguishing efforts, Friends of the Earth observed the magnitude of the disaster up close, and realized the enormous effort that will be required to restore the area.

With the help of active members, our volunteers and conscientious Yoga teachers, we organised the fundraising events “Yoga for Solea Valley” to help the restoring of the area, through which we collected the monetary sum of 1511 Euros. In order to utilise these funds better, we asked for the opinion of our members on possible actions and we contacted the Director of Forestry Department Mr. Takis Tsintides who provided guidance and advice in how to coordinate our actions. Friends of the Earth recognizes that it is imperative that any voluntary actions undertaken to restore the area must take place under the guidance and instructions of the Department of Forestry, which is aware of the needs of the area and is in charge of all operations performed.

Friends of the Earth will initially contribute to soil restoration and help in strengthening the anti-corrosion works in the area, which is the most important step that must be completed immediately. The next action indicated by the Forestry Department is building small shelters and nests for wildlife in areas designated by the Department of Forestry.

For this reason, we call (our members, and our other fellow citizens, organized groups, etc.), to create a volunteer team that will be able to work on specific Sundays under the supervision of the Forestry Department, for the restoration of anti-corrosion structures.

Volunteers do not need to be trained in these works, but they should be prepared for hard, manual work and labour. They should have with them hard gloves, long sleeved clothes, boots, hats for the sun and most importantly must be willing to work for at least 6 hours in the area. For a complete list of materials please check the registration form.

Interested volunteers must complete the compulsory Registration Form HERE, and we will contact you for more details, including means of transport and location.

Friends of the Earth will be sending out regular updates on the activities in the region, and information on how you can participate.

Yours sincerely,

Friends of the Earth Cyprus