Friends of the earth Cyprus

Our goal is to raise awareness on the importance of preserving the natural environment and to campaign for solutions to environmental and social problems by promoting sustainable policies.
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Growing Together - Food Sovereignty Events



A European Citizens’ Initiative consisting of 90 organizations from 17 EU countries, including Friends of the Earth Cyprus, have launched a campaign to phase out synthetic pesticides by 2035. The campaign seeks to support farmers, save the bees and nature. Our goal is to gather 1 million signatures from EU citizens by September 2020, in order for the EU Commission and Parliament to enact legislation that will meet the campaign’s demands

School of Sustainability Events

“School of Sustainability”, an EU funded project, was completed in March 2018. Friends of the Earth Cyprus were partners in this project, along with 23 other organisation members of Friends of the Earth Europe. The aims of the project were to promote global education and increase environmental awareness and sustainability


Akamas Campaign

Akamas is one of the few remaining natural habitats in Cyprus and it is constantly under threat from big businessmen who want to develop in the region. The struggle for the protection of this region is continuous and gets even stronger by Friends of the Earth throughout the years.


Friends of the Earth Cyprus are campaigning against the illegal, non selective and massive killing of wildbirds in Cyprus. We support and demand the adoption of a zero tolerance policy against the hunting of blackcaps.



Global Learning from Local Solutions in Alternative Food Systems

The European project “Hungry for Rights – Global Learning from Local
Solutions in Alternative Food Systems” focuses on Alternative Food Systems
(AFSs) as a key element in urban and peri urban global development, and as a sustainable response to the global challenges of food security and sovereignty.

Defend our Right to Nature and Nature Laws

The aim of the program is to inform the public about the existence and necessity of the Laws that protect nature in our island. The laws of nature and in particular the Birds and Habitats Directives (often referred to as Nature Directives), are recognised globally recognized for their contribution to the protection of threatened biodiversity.

These laws protect more than 1,000 species and more than 27,000 natural areas in Europe, and maintain the largest network of protected areas in the world, the Natura 2000. The Natura 2000 network aims to protect and manage the most vulnerable species and habitats in Europe. Scientific evidence shows that these laws effectively protect important threatened species and habitats and contribute to socio-economic development of local communities and regions.

In Cyprus, 61 sites are included in the network Natura 2000. For instance, the Natura 2000 site of Oroklini Lake, is an outstanding example in Cyprus on how the legislative framework for the Nature Directives, can bring positive results for both for the environment and for society . The Cape Greco, the Akamas peninsula and the Troodos National Forest Park are well known areas in Cyprus belonging to the Natura 2000 network that attract thousands of tourists every year who want to enjoy our unique natural heritage