Q1: How can I get involved?

You can get involved by registering as a member of FoE Cyprus (hyperlinked to the membership registration). You will then be added to our mailing list and we will be informing you about all our events and activities, and how you can participate. If you have a specific activity in mind, for which you would like our support to organize, please email us at contact@foecyprus.org

Q2: What are my responsibilities as a member at FoE Cyprus?

A: Your sole responsibility as a member is to pay a yearly membership fee (link to the fees). Other than that, you are always welcome to our events and activities.

Q3: Why is there a fee to become a member?

A: The funds collected from subscriptions and membership renewals are used to support the work of the organisation and often for smaller, more direct, local actions; for example, preparing banners for participation in protests/ marches etc.

Q4: Can my organisation become a member of FoE Cyprus?

A: Yes, we do have individual, family and organisation memberships.

Q5: How is Friends of the Earth Cyprus funded?

A: Friends of the Earth Cyprus receives funds to implement international, European, and local projects and initiatives through competitive application procedures. We also accept private donations under strict guidelines prescribed by our international networks.

Q6: Are you accepting applications for jobs, internships or volunteer opportunities?

A: FoE Cyprus is a small office so we don’t often have vacancies. We always post them on our social media when they do come up, so please check back often. We do not have funding for paid internships, but depending on your skills we may be very happy for your support as a volunteer. 

Q7: Is FoE Cyprus political organisation?

A: No. We are included in the Approved Charity list of the Tax Department of the Republic of Cyprus (No. 2009/02) and as such are non-party-political.

Q8: There are so many other environmental organisations. Why don't you work together?

A: We do work with organisations that we share values with. We work together through projects and through our networks. A local example is the creation of the Zero Waste Cyprus Alliance with Zero Food Waste Cyprus, Let’s make Cyprus Green and Ecological Movement Cyprus.

Q9: Can my company or organisation donate part of its profits to Friends of the Earth Cyprus?

A: Friends of the Earth Cyprus are a recognised charity in accordance with Ministry of Finance Approval dated 2009/01/09, Circular No. 2009/02 and Circular Date 2009/01/29. This means that donations to our Organisation are tax deductible.

However, we do not accept donations from corporations and individuals that pollute the environment or violate human rights and we rely on your support.