FoE Cyprus at the Community Energy Spring Gathering

Thrilling, inspiring, empowering. These words fully describe the Community Energy Spring Gathering!

More than 200 representatives of energy communities and organisations met in Athens in 08-10 May, merging together passionate individuals united by the shared goal of energy democracy and building a sustainable and equitable future.

From insightful panel discussions, informative presentations to engaging workshops, the Community Energy Spring Gathering provided a platform for meaningful conversations on renewable energy, environmental justice, and gender equality.

We had the privilege of learning from renowned experts in the field, exchanging ideas with like-minded individuals, and discovering innovative solutions to combat climate change by creating energy communities. By creating inclusive spaces for all voices to be heard, this event reminded us of the power we hold when we stand together, and the fact that creating an energy community in Cyprus is not a far fetched utopian dream. 💚👩‍🔬🌱

We learned and met with people involved in energy communities in different countries in Europe, discussed on opportunities, barriers and the ways of how to set up an energy community in Cyprus, and also how to advocate and communicate for a sustainable future built on energy democracy and security.

We will be building a momentum and work towards a world where environmental protection and social justice go hand in hand!

The meeting was organised by Rescoop and Electra Energy