FoEE AGM 2024: Highlights and Reflections

Last week, we had the privilege of travelling to Malta, hosted by Friends of the Earth Malta, for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE). Two members of our team attended the AGM, Panayiotis represenint Friends of the Earth Cyprus, and and Mariza on behalf of Young Friends of the Earth Europe (YFoEE). It was a heartwarming experience to connect with people from various member groups across different countries, all united by a common cause.


During 5 intensive days, we had various sessions on FoEE’s strategic planning for 2024-2026. The sessions were insightful and thorough, as we reviewed our past achievements and set ambitious goals for the future. We attended several working groups where we discussed key issues such as climate justice, conflicts, militarisation, green policies backlash, and working with youth. The collaborative atmosphere and diverse perspectives made these discussions incredibly enriching.


Besides the voting sessions where we voted on several formal points such as the quorum, approving reports and amendments, we participated in diverse open spaces hosted by FoEE Office team including economy degrowth, fundraising tips, strengthening alliances, popular ecology and more. During the breakout sessions, we also talked about how each member group can implement the objectives of FoEE strategy for 2024-2026 while we also informed the office team with tips and successes from each member country. We were also informed by different working groups of FoE International on topics such as updates from the Gendered Justice Working Group, and updates from the Solidarity Campaign and we had a session dedicated to the anti-racism strategy of FoEE, as all groups recognise its importance.


A significant highlight was the session on youth participation, hosted by Mariza and Tabea (also representative of YFoEE). This session focused on the importance of integrating youth voices into environmental advocacy and decision-making. We gathered valuable input from member groups on how their youth groups are currently involved and how to strengthen that within the network. The discussions emphasized solidarity, common struggles, and the importance of intersectionality in our fight for environmental justice.

We are also pleased to announce that Mariza has been elected to the Executive Committee of FoEE. This new role will allow us to bring a fresh perspective and amplify the youth voice within the decision-making processes. We are excited about the opportunities this position holds and we will be reaching out to YFoE Cyprus to collect views on ideas that interest us to make them heard in the network.


In conclusion, the AGM was a nice way to realise the strength and solidarity of our network. It was inspiring to see so many passionate individuals working towards a shared vision. To those who were present and those who were not, we appreciate your continued dedication and support. Despite the current challenges within the network, we must focus on what unites us and our common cause. Through regular communication and collaboration, we can overcome difficulties and continue to work for environmental and social justice.