“Youth-centred Participatory Video and Dialogue as a tool for empowering young people to tackle climate crisis and offer greener solutions”


The GreenViDialogue project uses different tools to actively support and engage youth in climate activism through participatory videos. 

The project aims to provide the youth with knowledge about the European Climate strategies and targets as well as to empower them with participatory video-creation tools and training materials for climate action and impactful engagement in policy participation. The tools developed through the project will support youth to act on climate change and raise their voice to communicate their perspective to decision-makers, stakeholders, and the general public.  The project also aims to support youth workers with materials and tools for their workshops to enhance youth skills by exploring their creative work digitally. Subsequently, it will increase cross-sectoral and transnational cooperation for youth climate action and youth policy participation.


The tools that will be created during the project include a curriculum that will be co-created with the support of a youth team (scrutiny panel) from each country and a platform that will include all of the project information and guidance on creating participatory videos. Therefore, during the project, there will be training events and a festival to support, activate and engage the youth in climate activism through the use of participatory videos! 


The project consists of 6 partners from 5 countries: Italy (Project School), France (Solution: Solidarite et inclusion), Cyprus (Friends of the Earth and Reset), Estonia (Tree Agency) and Greece (Stimuli).