Hungry for Rights


Global Learning from Local Solutions in Alternative Food Systems

The European project “Hungry for Rights – Global Learning from Local Solutions in Alternative Food Systems” focuses on Alternative Food Systems (AFSs) as a key element in urban and peri urban global development, and as a sustainable response to the global challenges of food security and sovereignty.

The lead organisation of the project is “ACRA -CCS” that aims in increasing public education around Alternative Food Systems, in experiential learning and promoting active citizenship as a contribution to the development goals of the EU.

Friends of the Earth Cyprus are working with local communities, producers, organizations, local authorities and consumers to induce a reform of the current global trading and financial system, so that the agricultural production sustains people and not businesses, and prompts the citizens to buy locally and regionally produced food from small farmers and breeders.

The program also involves four other European countries (Italy, France, United Kingdom, Lithuania) and one African country (Senegal). The total duration of program is 3 years.

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