LIFE-FOODPRINT is an awareness-raising campaign to prevent and manage food waste, targeting consumers, the food industry and the hospitality sector. Within the context of the project, a collaboration platform ( has been created where food donors (e.g. restaurants, bakeries, etc.) can make surplus food available to food recipients who are involved in food distribution and food provision to people in need (e.g. NGOs, municipal services, etc.).

In this way, there will be an aggregated picture, on a nationwide basis, regarding the needs that exist concerning food donation to groups in need or households, and the availability of food from businesses to meet these needs. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Dias complex, the Department of Environment, OEB, Parpounas Sustainability Consultants and Opinion and Action Services Ltd.

Friends of the Earth Cyprus as part of LIFE Foodprint project, was responsible to establish a network between businesses that have surplus food and individuals or organisations that are in need of food. We created the collaboration platfom FoodConnect, launched on April 28th, where users can register according to their. status as. donors or recipients of food.

The platform is now live and can be found online at website.

On the platform, donors will declare what they can donate and in what quantity and recipients will be able to claim free food available in businesses near them and receive it within a certain period of time.

The aim of this platform is to reduce food waste, which causes huge problems on the environment and the economy, to contribute in alleviating food insecurity by providing good quality food to all and to create a community of donors and recipients based on solidarity and giving.

Businesses active in the hospitality sector and throughout the food chain – restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, shops, bakeries, etc. – can register as donors.

As recipients organisations/initiatives/associations that support vulnerable groups and any individual who wants to benefit from the donation.

Those interested in signing up are encouraged to contact Friends of the Earth at .

While the project ended in April 2023, under the slogan “No more food waste”, Friends of the Earth Cyprus, together with the FOODprint project partners, will continue the effort to create a local network with the common vision of sharing best practices and supporting each other for food donation actions.

FOODprint project is co-funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union
Any communication or publication related to the project, reflects only the author’s view and the European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.