MicroMobi: A project for micromobility

What is micromobility? 

It’s the answer to congested streets and pollution, offering compact, eco-friendly modes of transport for short-distance trips.


Micromobility encompasses most small one-person vehicles that operate at low speeds and are not gas-powered, from active modes like walking and cycling to skateboards, electric bicycles and scooters, as well as wheelchairs. 


Electric cars and e-motorcycles are not considered micromobility options. Micromobility emphasizes the use of smaller, lighter vehicles that can easily manoeuvre through crowded areas and offer a more sustainable mode of transport for urban dwellers.


Micromobility gained popularity especially in the wake of global bike-sharing systems in the 2010s and more recently with the spread of electric kick scooters in cities around the world. Micromobility was acknowledged as the safest mode of transport and commuting during the COVID19 pandemic. Pop up bike lanes have transformed into permanent ones in some cities in Europe as part of the wave of transition to green recovery.


In essence, micromobility advocates for a shift towards cool, fast and green urban transport solutions.



As part of our new transnational MICROMOBI project, Friends of the Earth Cyprus aims to develop skills and raise awareness on the topic of micromobility. 


We are organising several events and workshops on micromobility use and safe road practices in our cities, tips for vulnerable road users, among other important topics. 


To join or volunteer for our upcoming workshops and other similar events please contact office@foecyprus.org.


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