PETITION – Cyprus Declaration on Endocrine Disruptors and their impact on human health and ecosystems

PETITION – Cyprus Declaration on Endocrine Disorders and their Impact on Human Health and Ecosystems


Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) are primarily chemicals that impede the action of natural hormones in the human body and are found everywhere in our daily lives. The main categories of EDCs are various plasticizers found in plastic products and food packaging materials, pesticides, and personal care products such as cosmetics or personal hygiene products (e.g. shampoos).


EDCs are particularly hazardous during the pre- and post-pregnancy period, as well as during the growth and development of children, and have been associated with an increased risk of various cancers or brain damage at all ages.


EDCs have some peculiar characteristics of toxicity:

  • Their adverse health effects can occur even at extremely low concentrations (doses) of EDCs, even at levels that may be considered safe for individual chemicals that do not have the characteristics of EDCs.
  • It is very difficult to determine safe concentration limits of EDCs for human health.


Specific scientific findings on the contact effects of ECDs on human health and the environment:

  • Higher incidence of endocrinological and metabolic diseases in Cyprus compared to 20-30 years ago.
  • Association of EDCs with diseases related to the endocrine and metabolic systems and carcinogenesis.
  • Exposure to EDCs during the growth and development of the fetus, and subsequently the child, can cause irreversible damage, which usually manifests much later than the time when these exposures to EDCs took place.
  • Reduced testosterone levels and sperm quality in a significant male percentage, which can seriously affect the chances of successful fertilization.


On the basis of long-term accumulated epidemiological evidence, we join together to proclaim the urgent need for interventions to reduce the human health risk associated with the effects of endocrine disruptors, particularly those affecting vulnerable populations.


Public education and awareness on the effects of endocrine disrupters on human health and ecosystems is imperative.


We believe that this is a significant public health issue and we call upon the relevant government departments, together with the Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health and the Cyprus Endocrine Society, to establish and implement a strategic plan to control endocrine disrupters and to address their effects on health and the environment. This petition is largely based on the Berlaymont Declaration on Endocrine Disruptors in early 2013, but also on recent European Union initiatives such as the Green Deal and the Farm to Plate Strategy.


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For more, see the detailed Endocrine Disruptors Declaration:

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