Presentation of first food donation platform in Cyprus!

On 29 April, the presentation of the food donation platform took place in Nicosia. The platform was created within the framework of the European project LIFE FOODprint, which aims to raise awareness and promote the reduction of food waste with the participation of stakeholders.

The presentation and coordination of the platform was carried out by “Friends of the Earth” Cyprus, partners in the FOODprint project co-funded by the European Commission. During the event instructions and guidance on its operations were given to the audience, as well as, information on the registration process. Comments and suggestions on how to make the platform more functional according to the needs of the participants were heard and will be used to improve it.

Through the platform, Friends of the  Earth Cyprus aim to establish a network of donors and recipients,  where users can register according to their status as donors or recipients of food.

The platform is now live and can be found online at website.

The event was attended by project stakeholders and businesses active in the hospitality and tourism sector as well as representatives of NGOs interested in participating.

On the platform, donors will declare what they can donate and in what quantity and recipients will be able to claim free food available in businesses near them and receive it within a certain period of time.

The aim of this platform is to reduce food waste, which causes huge problems on the environment and the economy, to contribute in alleviating food insecurity by providing good quality food to all and to create a community of donors and recipients based on solidarity and giving.

Businesses active in the hospitality sector and throughout the food chain – restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, shops, bakeries, etc. – can register as donors.

As recipients organisations/initiatives/associations that support vulnerable groups and any individual who wants to benefit from the donation.

Those interested in signing up are encouraged to contact Friends of the Earth at .