Forests and Biodiversity

Conservation: We’ve got to use our resources rationally. We haven’t been all that rational these last brief millennia.

Preservation: We’ve got to preserve what we can never replace. That’s what wilderness is. That’s what biodiversity is, and we’re getting rid of both faster than anybody has ever done

Restoration: We’re bright enough to build back, to restore the rivers we’ve damned, the forests we’ve clear-cut, the seas we’ve bloodied, polluted and strip-mined with driftnets; the mountains we’ve bolted and bulldozed, the deserts we’ve spoiled or mistakenly created; the ozone layer we’ve punctured. We can’t restore a lot of things that are gone, but we can certainly restore human integrity.

The world’s forests and biodiversity are in trouble. Half of global forests and around one third of total global species have been lost in the past three decades. In turn, the vulnerability of forest-dependent communities is increasing, with theirfood sovereignty and quality of life seriously impaired.Friends of the Earth International is calling for a halt to the social and environmental devastation caused by corporate-led monoculture plantations and the release of genetically modified organisms to the environment, overfishing and intensive hunting, “carbon sink” schemes and agrofuels plantations, the industrial farming and the industrial logging of tropical forests, the over-consumption of energy and paper, as well as the destruction of ecosystems caused by the intensive land-development  and climate change