Food and Agriculture

No to GMOs, yes to our seeds We work to safeguard GMO-free agricultureand to ensure that people around the world have the right to choose food that is free from genetically modified organisms. We campaign against biopiracy and the patenting of seeds and other life forms, and for the rights of farmers and indigenous peoples to save their own seeds. For these reason, Friends of the Earth Cyprus have created a Seed Bank and a network of Seed Keepers with the cooperation of Antigoni Agathokleous to continue her lifetime project. The Seed Bank is located in the offices of Friends of the Earth.

Eat green In the urban context, we stimulate people to buy food that is produced locally and regionally by small farmers

Europe is a major player in the global food system in terms of food production and consumption, and also for policy-making. With over 14 million farms, Europe produces 21 percent of the world’s grain, and exports food worth billions of Euros every year. The current system of production and consumption has big impacts, both here and across the world.

Corporate hands off our food Food sovereignty is the right of people to determine and control their own food production systems, and the right to nutritious, ecologically-produced and culturally-appropriate food.Friends of the Earth groups work with communities, farmers, indigenous people and fisher folk for an overhaul of current international trade and investment so that agriculture sustains people and not corporations.