1. Phase out synthetic pesticides by 2035: Phase out synthetic pesticides in EU agriculture by 80% by 2030, starting with the most hazardous, to become 100% free of synthetic pesticides by 2035
  2. Restore biodiversity: Restore natural ecosystems in agricultural areas so that farming becomes a vector of biodiversity recovery
  3. Support farmers in the transition: Reform agriculture by prioritising small-scale, diverse and sustainable farming, supporting a rapid increase in agroecological and organic practice, and enabling independent farmer-based training and research into pesticide- and GMO-free farming.

A European Citizens’ Initiative consisting of 90 organizations from 17 EU countries, including Friends of the Earth Cyprus, have launched a campaign to phase out synthetic pesticides by 2035. The campaign seeks to support farmers, save the bees and nature. Our goal is to gather 1 million signatures from EU citizens by September 2020, in order for the EU Commission and Parliament to enact legislation that will meet the campaign’s demands.

Scientists warn of ecological collapse and call for immediate  transformative change“, since bees and other insects’ pollinators – responsible for the pollination and therefore for the production of at least two thirds of our fruits and vegetables – are under the constant threat due to pesticide- contamination.

Furthermore, because of the existing EU policies and subsidies for agriculture and food production, 4 million small farms – supporting agroecological practices – have closed between 2005-2016, while large-scale, industrial, monocultural farms – using practices harmful to the habitats and the nature – have been established and continue to grow.