Embrace the World (EmWo-OCCC)

Embrace the World – Outdoor Communities in a time of Climate Crisis (EmWo-OCCC)   Embrace the World – Outdoor Communities in a time of Climate Crisis (EmWo-OCCC) project aims to contribute to environmental sustainability by restoring the vital link between young people and nature.   The project was developed to strengthen and upskill anyone involved […]


“Youth-centred Participatory Video and Dialogue as a tool for empowering young people to tackle climate crisis and offer greener solutions”   The GreenViDialogue project uses different tools to actively support and engage youth in climate activism through participatory videos.  The project aims to provide the youth with knowledge about the European Climate strategies and targets […]


Mega Mobilising for MicroMobility The MicroMobi project aims to develop skills and raise awareness on the topic of micromobility, small human or electric-powered mobility devices suitable for short urban trips. Increased uptake of micromobility is a key tool to reduce carbon emissions from transport. The main priority we are addressing through this project is to […]


As a result of SYSTEM:RESET project from multiple organisations we are excited to present ‘The Youth Proposal for a Green Deal for Europe’. This proposal highlights the need for change, the need for a better future that is socially just and ecologically sound. Not only must our future include healthier environments, restoration of the commons […]


LIFE-FOODPRINT is an awareness-raising campaign to prevent and manage food waste, targeting consumers, the food industry and the hospitality sector. Within the context of the project, a collaboration platform ( has been created where food donors (e.g. restaurants, bakeries, etc.) can make surplus food available to food recipients who are involved in food distribution and […]


The Social PEAS (Permaculture: Empowering an Active Society) project is derived from the identified need to tackle social exclusion, climate and environmental challenges through the use of permaculture to create resilient and sustainable communities. The project was designed to support, educate and provide training for educators/trainers/workers who work with vulnerable adults to create permaculture gardens. […]


Within the international Break Free from Plastic movement to which we belong, we help to mobilize and consolidate the cooperation of NGOs working on waste in Cyprus. For this purpose, we have created an alliance inspired by a common vision, called “Zero Waste Alliance Cyprus” which consists of 4 organisations and operates on the basis […]


The climate crisis is here, right now and it is time for Cyprus to take bold and decisive action. Our government is still implementing a business-as-usual policy approach and taking effective action. We need bold, ambitious and effective climate policy to reduce carbon emissions and ensure a safe future. Our response to the climate crisis […]


The project “One Community At a Time” aims to help municipalities and communities in Cyprus to implement zero waste practices which are successfully adopted in over 445 cities in Europe ( Zero Waste Cities enjoy a range of benefits such as reduced management fees, lower levels of pollution, compliance with EU law, greater social inclusion […]