This is the stories of Zero Waste Cities!

Welcome to the State of Zero Waste Municipalities 2022 Report   In Cyprus: Our main work over the last year was to introduce the zero waste cities concept in Cyprus. We decided to work with the municipalities and local authorities that have the ambition to make a difference and comply with European and national strategies […]


As a result of SYSTEM:RESET project from multiple organisations we are excited to present ‘The Youth Proposal for a Green Deal for Europe’. This proposal highlights the need for change, the need for a better future that is socially just and ecologically sound. Not only must our future include healthier environments, restoration of the commons […]


LIFE-FOODPRINT is an awareness-raising campaign to prevent and manage food waste, targeting consumers, the food industry and the hospitality sector. Within the context of the project, a collaboration platform ( has been created where food donors (e.g. restaurants, bakeries, etc.) can make surplus food available to food recipients who are involved in food distribution and […]


The Social PEAS (Permaculture: Empowering an Active Society) project is derived from the identified need to tackle social exclusion, climate and environmental challenges through the use of permaculture to create resilient and sustainable communities. The project was designed to support, educate and provide training for educators/trainers/workers who work with vulnerable adults to create permaculture gardens. […]


Within the international Break Free from Plastic movement to which we belong, we help to mobilize and consolidate the cooperation of NGOs working on waste in Cyprus. For this purpose, we have created an alliance inspired by a common vision, called “Zero Waste Alliance Cyprus” which consists of 4 organisations and operates on the basis […]


The FOSSIL-FREE CYPRUS project develops action against further promotion of fossil fuels, including new Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) infrastructure and the East Med gas pipeline, which will be one of the largest pipelines in the world and possibly the deepest. The promotion of natural gas as a panacea for high electricity bills is ill-timed and […]


The project “One Community At a Time” aims to help municipalities and communities in Cyprus to implement zero waste practices which are successfully adopted in over 445 cities in Europe ( Zero Waste Cities enjoy a range of benefits such as reduced management fees, lower levels of pollution, compliance with EU law, greater social inclusion […]