School of Sustainability


“School of Sustainability”, an EU funded project, was completed in March 2018. Friends of the Earth Cyprus were partners in this project, along with 23 other organisation members of Friends of the Earth Europe. The aims of the project were to promote global education and increase environmental awareness and sustainability.

The project started in April 2015 and was focused on:
– Developing political analysis on issues regarding climate justice and energy transformation
– Contributing to the European Year of Development 2015 (EYD2015) through informing EU citizens on EU development policy, and to mobilise greater public support for the Priority Elements set out in the European Commission’s ‘“A Decent life for all” communication, and the post-2015 strategies and actions against poverty.
– Promoting Global learning on Global issues
– Supporting active engagement in informal educational activities on environmental justice issues, with the aim to eradicate poverty and promote justice and sustainable ways of living specifically related to global environmental justice (including: climate change, sustainable energy and agriculture, natural resource use and economic justice, and the connection between these issues)

School of Sustainability promoted non formal education methodologies and through the project Friends of the Earth Cyprus carried out:
– Seminars
– Practical workshops
– Learning by doing activities
– Face to face meetings
– Local public and broad outreach events

The target groups of the project included CSOs, youth, local communities adversely affected and the public.

For the toolkits and other materials developed by this project please visit Friends of the Earth International website: Click here

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