Survey on Micromobility in Cyprus

Do you know what micromobility is?

The term ”micromobility” includes small vehicles for personal transportation like bicycles and scooters. This includes both electric and human-powered vehicles that can be shared with others or owned individually.


Friends of the Earth Cyprus is participating in MegaMobi, a new EU project on micromobility and inclusive road safety. Mega Mobi aims to develop skills and raise awareness on micromobility. The project’s partners comprise organisations from Malta, Italy, and Slovenia.


Micromobility is considered a key measure to reducing carbon emissions from transportation. The rise of global bike-sharing systems in the 2010s and recently the spread of electric kick scooters in cities worldwide have made micromobility a trending sustainable mobility solution but also fiercely criticised.


Take part in our micromobility research by filling in this short survey below. By completing the survey with your thoughts on micromobitlity, we can work to develop a fitting campaign communication strategy to raise awareness on micromobility and inclusive road safety for road users.


Filling in the survey only takes the time of drinking a cup of tea or coffee!


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