Friends of the Earth Cyprus, as part of LIFE Foodprint project, created FoodConnect, a collaboration platform which aims to establish a network of donors and recipients for food waste in Cyprus,  where users can register according to their status as donors or recipients of food.

On the platform, donors will declare what they can donate and in what quantity and recipients will be able to claim free food available in businesses near them and receive it within a certain period of time.

You can access the platform here:


The Visions Toolkit contains instructions and tools to support YFOEE and other facilitators to run a variety of outreach activities, in three phases, enabling diverse individuals and groups across Europe under System Reset Project to: 

  • Identify and map their values 
  • Explore changes today and share perspectives on possible futures
  • Develop and share visions for national Green New Deals, and prototype ways forward.
  • Communication