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On this World Bee Day, build a bee hotel!

If you fancy introducing a bit of nature back into your life – and you’re lucky enough to have access to a yard or garden – then follow our simple instructions and build a bee hotel. You’ll learn how to provide bees with a comfy home, nutritious food, and a refreshing water supply. Why build a bee hotel? […]

MicroMobi: Mega Mobilising for micromobility

What is micromobility?  It’s the answer to congested streets and pollution, offering compact, eco-friendly modes of transport for short-distance trips.   Micromobility encompasses most small one-person vehicles that operate at low speeds and are not gas-powered, from active modes like walking and cycling to skateboards, electric bicycles and scooters, as well as wheelchairs.    Electric […]

Ulex training: A recent participant’s testimonial

Michalis Pantelidis testimonial from Ulex Project training Friends of the Earth Cyprus, in collaboration with Ulex Project, offer exclusive training opportunities in Catalonia, Spain to our organisation’s volunteers, people who identify as activists (or not), and individuals who resonate with our core values. These fully funded trainings aim at capacity building covering a range of […]

Zero Waste Alliance Cyprus- “Blueprint for movement building”

Zero Waste Alliance Cyprus fight towards a sustainable, resilient zero-waste future in Cyprus.  Zero Waste Alliance Cyprus(ZWACY) is a coalition of four organisations supported by the ZWE network. Friends of the Earth Cyprus, Ecological Movement Cyprus, Zero Food Waste Cyprus, and Let’s Make Cyprus Green are the organisations that form the ZWA Cyprus. The focus […]

Social Permaculture Garden Open Day! 🌱

We are pleased to invite you to the final event of our project, Social Peas: Empowering an Active Society, which is coming to an end this year and has been an important part of our activities over the last two years. The event will take place on Saturday, the 11th of May, at 10:30 am […]