Zero Waste Alliance Cyprus- “Blueprint for movement building”

Zero Waste Alliance Cyprus fight towards a sustainable, resilient zero-waste future in Cyprus. 

Zero Waste Alliance Cyprus(ZWACY) is a coalition of four organisations supported by the ZWE network. Friends of the Earth Cyprus, Ecological Movement Cyprus, Zero Food Waste Cyprus, and Let’s Make Cyprus Green are the organisations that form the ZWA Cyprus. The focus areas of the group include waste prevention, management, and solutions mainstreaming. For instance, the work by the national alliance members so far focused on clean-ups, food actions, and implementation of water refill stations, amongst others. Each organisation supports the other’s actions in different campaign areas and advocacy actions. 


The ZWA Cyprus advocate at the national level for legislation on circular economy, waste prevention and climate policies that take into account the intersections of struggles, from youth movements to women’s rights, anti-racism and more. 


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ZWAC Members: